Material Testing

Flexible Testing Solutions

LSI’s Product Line can be utilized for many, many testing applications other than springs. If your needs include any kind of compression, extension, length, torsion, or just any force related test, we can help. Below are just a few of the many things our testers can be used for.

Glass / Rubber Stress Test

A pet products manufacturer wanted to know how much force was required to stretch a rubber sleeve holding a panel of tempered glass in aluminum tubing. Larson Systems set up a 3.5 inch section of aluminum tubing with a 2 inch square piece of tempered glass in a rubber sleeve on one of our versatile FLASH 11 / 24 to find the answer to their question. We discovered the rubber held strong up to a force of 110 lbs.
Recommended products: FLASH Series

Pill / Kibble Crush

How much force does it take to crunch a kibble? Find out quickly and easily with a Larson force tester. From pet food to bubble wrap, you can test the compression strength of your product. Here, a pill undergoes compression testing.

Recommended products: FDHT

Tensile Strength

Our extension testers can tell you just how far a wire, line or string will stretch before it breaks. Here, a wire crimp is pulled to its limit.

Recommended products: FDHT or Wire Crimp Test Gage

Button Depression

Unlike human fingers, a Larson tester can push buttons all day long and never get tired. Repeatable and reliable tests can also be achieved with a Larson tester. When you’re doing fatigue testing or a test that requires repetitive motion studies, put one of our motorized testers to work.

Recommended products: FDHT or FLASH 11 with Fatigue Testing Package

Electrical Plug

In this application, a Larson Systems Force Gage Stand equipped with an FGV digital force gage tests the amount of force needed to pull apart an electrical plug.  View Video

Recommended products: FDHT or Force Gage Stand with FGV Force Gage

Glue Bond

Watch the versatile FLASH 11 used to test the strength of a glue bond to determine whether misuse or product defect is to blame.  View Video

Recommended products: FDHT or FLASH 11

Gas Spring Peak Force

With gas springs, it is critical to know how much force is required to extend and retract the rod. Our testers can provide a peak force reading for the entire stroke.

Recommended products: FDHT or Force Gage Stand with FGV Force Gage