Featuring FLASH Touch Screen Technology

LSI revolutionized the spring testing industry again with the FLASH series 1,000 lb testers.

  • Standard 10″ range
  • Standard 10″ stroke
  • Easy access to emergency shutoff


LSI revolutionized the spring testing industry again with the FLASH series 1,000 lb testers. Our Whisper Servo drive is a closed loop servo drive that increases rapid travel speed by 200%! Load speeds are now maintained at rapid speed to full load. It operates very quietly at any speed or load. These changes result in faster and quieter testing. Faster test speeds will result in test cycle time reductions of 30% to 400% with the largest time reductions on the heaviest springs.


Quick Change Load Cells
Learn how to take advantage of our latest smart load cell design to change load cells even faster than before!


Choose from of our smart load cells.

2lb (1″ Ø platform)
11→1000 lb. (3.5″ Ø platform)


Check out our FLASH Sorting Package for fast, positive sorting using a FLASH 11 or 24 tester.


Includes Length Deflection Compensation

What is length deflection compensation?
All force/length testing devices, regardless of manufacturer, have additional deflection by the load cell and tester frame which occurs as the spring is loaded. If you buy/use a tester without deflection compensation, measurements might include significant length errors. Spring deflection, also known as spring travel or motion, is the action of a compression spring compressing (being pushed), an extension spring extending (being pulled), or a torsion spring winding (being twisted) when a load is applied or released. This is one characteristic (spring deflection) that is measured by a Larson Systems Spring Tester.

Larson Systems has BUILT-IN Length Deflection Compensation so that the user does not have to calculate and apply length corrections. Most competitors do not have length deflection compensation.

With a Larson Systems product, forget about calculating load cell and frame deflection when testing, we’ve got you covered.

Force Specifications

Load Cell
Standard Resolution
0-20% FS 20-100% FS
2 lb 0.0001 lb 0.001 lb
907 g 0.02 g 0.2 g
8.9 N 0.0002 N 0.002 N
11 lb 0.0002 lb 0.002 lb
5 kg 0.1 g 1 g
49 N 0.001 N 0.01 N
22 lb 0.0005 lb 0.005 lb
10 kg 0.2 g 2 g
98 N 0.002 N 0.02 N
66 lb 0.001 lb 0.01 lb
30 kg 0.5 g 5 g
294 N 0.005 N 0.05 N
110 lb 0.002 lb 0.02 lb
50 kg 0.001 kg 0.01 kg
489 N 0.01 N 0.1 N
200 lb 0.005 lb 0.05 lb
91 kg 0.002 kg 0.02 kg
890 N 0.02 N 0.2 N
550 lb 0.01 lb 0.1 lb
249 kg 0.005 kg 0.05 kg
2,447 N 0.05 N 0.5 N
1,000 lb 0.02 lb 0.2 lb
454 kg 0.01 kg 0.1 kg
4,448 N 0.1 N 1 N
Accuracy = ± Full Scale Resolution x 2

Parts and Accessories


DescriptionPart Number 
FLASH 11 - Automatic Tester with 1,000lb Servo Drive Motor050-0000-0121-00Get Quote
FLASH 11 - Automatic Tester with 1,000lb Servo Drive Motor (High Stiffness)050-0000-0149-00Get Quote

Accuracy Options

DescriptionPart Number 
High Resolution Length025-0000-0455-00Get a Quote
High Stiffness 4.5" Stroke025-0000-0532-00Get a Quote

FLASH Tester Software

Click for information on FLASH Software Interface

DescriptionPart Number 
Basic Software Package050-1000-0039-00Get a Quote
Extra Software Package050-1000-0039-01Get a Quote
Pro Spring Software Package050-1000-0039-02Get a Quote
Fatigue Testing Software Package050-1000-0039-03Get a Quote
Pro Material Software Package050-1000-0039-04Get a Quote
Pro Ultimate Software Package050-1000-0039-05Get a Quote

Quick Change Load Cells

Click here for Quick Change Load Cell Procedure

DescriptionPart Number 
2 lb Quick Change Load Cell (1" Ø platform)025-0000-0814-00Get a Quote
11 lb Quick Change Load Cell (3.5" Ø platform)025-0000-0814-01Get a Quote
22 lb Quick Change Load Cell (3.5" Ø platform)025-0000-0814-02Get a Quote
66 lb Quick Change Load Cell (3.5" Ø platform)025-0000-0814-03Get a Quote
110 lb Quick Change Load Cell (3.5" Ø platform)025-0000-0814-04Get a Quote
200 lb Quick Change Load Cell (3.5" Ø platform)025-0000-0814-05Get a Quote
550 lb Quick Change Load Cell (3.5" Ø platform)025-0000-0814-06Get a Quote
1,000 lb Quick Change Load Cell (3.5" Ø platform)025-0000-0814-07Get a Quote


DescriptionPart Number 
Sorting Devices025-0000-xxxx-xxGet a Quote
FLASH Sorting Package050-0000-0041-02Get a Quote
Thru-Rod Accessory Package (1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4" Ø)025-0000-0500-00Get a Quote
Extension Spring Swivel Wire Hook - 2 lb cap (0.030" Ø wire)025-0000-0340-05Get a Quote
Extension Spring Swivel Wire Hook - 2 lb cap (0.050" Ø wire)025-0000-0340-06Get a Quote
Pin Extension Hooks025-0000-0250-04Get a Quote
Wire Extension Hooks025-0000-0523-00Get a Quote
Machined Extension Hooks025-0000-0181-00Get a Quote
LSI Wedge Grips025-0000-0428-00Get a Quote
Fatigue Plate Assembly (Requires Fatigue Test Option)025-0000-0449-01Get a Quote
Wire Crimp Pull Fixture - Upper025-0000-0271-00Get a Quote
Wire Crimp Grip Fixture - Lower 110 lb025-0000-0274-00Get a Quote
Wire Crimp Grip Fixture - Lower 1,000 lb025-0000-0272-00Get a Quote
Smooth Jaw Wire Chucks - 100 lb025-0000-0193-00Get a Quote
Serrated Jaw Wire Chucks - 200 lb025-0000-0193-01Get a Quote
Smooth Jaw Wire Chucks - 400 lb025-0000-0193-02Get a Quote
Air Vibration Damping Feet (Set of 4)025-0000-0305-00Get a Quote
Foam Vibration Damping Pad025-0000-0227-00Get a Quote
Dust Cover059-1000-0008-00Get a Quote
TUL - Twist Under Load050-0000-0099-00Get a Quote
Shipping Crate for FLASH 11/24 (HEAT TREAT) for export059-0000-0060-01Get a Quote
Set of 2" Spring Platforms (HT Tool Steel, No Hole)025-0000-1597-00Get a Quote

Printer Options

DescriptionPart Number 
Inkjet Printer (with driver install)025-0000-0464-01Get a Quote
Laser Printer (with driver install) B & W025-0000-0464-03Get a Quote
Laser Pro Printer (with driver install) B & W025-0000-0464-04Get a Quote

Installation / Training

DescriptionPart Number 
On-Site Installation & Training100-0000-0006-00Get a Quote