Tiger Interface

Tiger Interface Software

The Tiger software packages use an intuitive interface with many scrap-reducing features. Three versions of the Tiger software are available: Tiger Cub, Tiger Standard and Super Tiger.

Feature Description Tiger Cub Tiger Standard Super Tiger
Main Menu 
Last Reading*
Last 5 Readings*    
Last 5 Mean*    
Last 50 Readings*    
Last 50 Mean*    
Good Count* (this feature is located in Production Manager for the Super Tiger software package)  
*Tiger Cub & Tiger software packages utilize bar graph displays; Super Tiger utilizes unique graphical displays
Job Summary  (Last, Mean, CpK)    
Strip Charts     
Strip Charts > Length Specs  (strip chart display can be extended to show last 50)    
Strip Charts > Sort Counts    
Strip Charts > Histogram     
Strip Charts > Length Adjustment Info    
Production Monitor     
Production Monitor > Sort Summary  (Good, Bad Short, Bad Long)    
Production Monitor > Test Times & Rates  (Instant Rate, Average Rate, Cycle Time, Since Last)    
Reset Counts
SPC > Data (Good, Bad, Mean, Sigma, CpK, Subgroup Size, Sample Frequency)    
SPC > X Bar Chart     
SPC > R Chart     
SPC > Sample Histogram      
SPC > Total Histogram      
MCS   (Start, Good, Bad, Mean, Sigma, CpK, X UCL, X LCL, R Mean, R UCL)    
Job Setup     
Job Setup > Length  Length”> (Nominal & Tolerance)    
Job Setup > Customer Name  Customer Name”>    
Job Setup > Part #  Part #”>    
Job Setup > Lot #  Lot #”>    
Job Setup > Comments  Comments”>    
Probe Setup (Standard) 
Probe Setup (Ultracal)     
Length Adjust Setup > None   
Length Adjust Setup > Each 
Length Adjust Setup > Averaging   
Length Adjust Setup > Centering     
Sorting Setup > 2 Way Good     
Sorting Setup > 2 Way Bad     
Sorting Setup > 3 Way 
Sorting Setup > 5 Way with Fixed 33% Tolerance    
Sorting Setup > 5 Way with User Defined Tolerance     
Sorting Setup > None     
Coiler Shutdown Setup 
Coiler Shutdown Setup > Consecutive Bad (Tiger Cub & Tiger software packages show last 9; Super Tiger shows user defined value)
Coiler Shutdown Setup > No Cutoff  
Coiler Shutdown Setup > Total Good    
Coiler Shutdown Setup > CpK Limit    
Coiler Shutdown Setup > Excess Adjust    
SPC Setup  (Subgroup Size, Sample Frequency, Collect On All / Good Only, Limits Entered / Calculated)    
Probe Tests  (Probe Setup, Functional Test, Drift Test, Voltage, Length)
Length Adjust Test  (Adjust Shorter, Adjust Longer)
Sorting Chute Test  (Bad Short, 5 Way Short, Good, 5 Way Long, Bad Long)
Keypad Tests 
Audible Beep
Company Name 
Software Version