FLASH Interface

Interface for Motorized Force / Length Testers

FLASH technology was redesigned from the ground up with full color interactive graphics using a 10.4″ LCD touch screen interface and allows for on-demand statistical and graphical analysis. Test a part instantly with Quick Test. Manipulate the platform to any force or length with Manual Mode. Set up your standard testing procedures with Program Mode, then run them with Automatic Mode. Save up to 99 different tests in memory and use Quick Launch to run them with a touch of the screen.

Demo Videos

FLASH Technology - Automation Integration and Remote Operation

FLASH Technology – Automation Integration and Remote Operation

FLASH Sorting Package Demonstration

FLASH Sorting Package Demonstration

FLASH Technology - Touch-Screen Simplicity

FLASH Technology – Touch-Screen Simplicity


Quick Test
This is spring testing at its easiest — no programming required! Simply place your part, push the Learn button, and the FLASH automatically calculates free length, solid height, rate and 20% and 80% deflection. Descriptive graphics and graphs enhance the Quick Test experience.

Quick Launch
Imagine a tester capable of quickly handling two or more unique tests at the same time. Now switch to Quick Launch and you’re there! Easily switch between different users’ tests or revision levels with a few quick touches and back again. Now, interrupting “this will be just a minute” tests really are “just a minute”.

Manual Mode
With a new intuitive jog switch and “Go To” button, Manual Mode allows you to manipulate the platform to any length or force you specify within seconds.

Program Mode
Complete testing sequences for Automatic Mode are programmed here, and include the test commands, sortingoptions and other preferences.

Automatic Mode
The FLASH Automatic Mode offers completely flexible testing options. View information by test or by lot. Statistical graphs, X-bar, range graphs and more!

FLASH Software Packages

Feature Description Basic Extra Pro
Quick Test    
Quick Launch  
Manual Mode  
Program Mode  
Automatic Mode  
Single Load Cell Capability  
Dual Interchangeable Load Cell Capability    
Full Range Interchangeable Load Cell Capability      
Absolute Programming  
Incremental Programming    
Graphic Displays: F vs. L Chart, Individuals
Chart, X-Bar/R Chart and Histogram Chart
Statistics Reporting      
Report Printouts    
Up to 2 Point Testing  
Up to 10 Point Testing    
Up to 99 Point Testing      
Compression / Extension Testing  
Program Saving / Retrieving    
Conditional Testing & Sorting (Set and test to tolerance)      
Length / Force Offsets        
Fatigue Testing: Preset type move up to 9,999,999 cycles        
Fatigue Testing: Archiving data during cycling to file on hard drive        
Fatigue Testing: Nominal and tolerance specifications to allow cycling to stop early        
Dynamic Testing – Force, Length & Time        
Dynamic Testing – Force vs. Deflection        
Dynamic Testing – Rate vs. Deflection        
User Selected Rate Averaging / Smoothing        
Test Commands
Test Command: Length @ Force    
Test Command: Force @ Length    
Test Command: Preset      
Test Command: Free Length      
Test Command: Initial Tension      
Test Command: Rate      
Test Command: Peak        
Test Command: Pause        
Test Command: Delay