TST 200
Torsion Spring Tester

The TST is a manually operated torque / angle tester that is available in five force ranges: 0.3, 3, 25, 100 and 200 in-lb.

  • Up to 48″ part length capability (11.5″ standard)
  • 0.3 to 200 in-lb load capacities
  • Smart interchangeable torque cartridges

Torsion Spring Tester

The TST is a manually operated torque / angle tester that is available in five force ranges: 0.3, 3, 25, 100 and 200 in-lb. The solid steel base and aluminum frame is rugged for durability in many different testing environments. The TST, like all LSI testers, comes standard with an NIST traceable certificate of calibration.

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Absolute Zero

Take the guesswork out of testing with LSI’s revolutionary absolute zeroing technique. Used with custom interchangeable tooling, this technique improves repeatability of setups and results during testing. Parts are then measured against the nominal dimensions according to the drawing or specifications, not to a relative point requiring intuition and guesswork.

Custom Interchangeable Tooling

Using LSI’s custom interchangeable tooling technique, you can machine tooling blanks to fit your specific applications or send the information to us and we will do the work for you.

  • Achieve 30 second tool-less changeovers from type to type
  • Identical setups each time enhance repeatability
  • Pre-machined blanks make tooling inexpensive and standardized
  • Tooling can be designed to exactly match assembly features for best correlation
  • Built-in angle zeroing provides ± 0.1° setup accuracy every time
  • The best solution for repeating parts or specific spring types or families

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Universal Tooling

With the universal tooling supplied by LSI, you can test many parts with no special fittings. This is great for unique or one-time job runs with a minimum of setup time.

Universal Tooling Example

  • 2″, 3″ & 4″ universal fittings
  • A conventional approach that has good flexibility in making setups
  • Includes chuck, mandrill set to 17/32″ diameter and reaction plate

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Rapid Changeovers

Both custom and universal tooling is designed to be changed in seconds… YES! In just seconds, you can go from one setup to the next, maintaining your repeatability and reproducibility. Setups within ± 0.1°.

Smart Interchangeable Torque Cartridges

Switch from one torque cartridge to another in just minutes, allowing for a single tester to test a wide range of capacities quickly and accurately. Smart torque cartridges can be digitally calibrated. You can also send in only the smart torque cartridge to LSI for remote calibration (full system calibration is better than individual component calibration).

Delicate lower-capacity torque cartridges feature overload-preventing lockout mechanisms

Limit Lights & Full Statistical Analysis

Part sorting using bright LED limit lights for good / bad parts and a statistical summary printout that includes a histogram and data run chart.

Limit LightsThis software option lets the user program the limit lights to make sorting reliable and efficient. This option also uses the programmed limits to enable the Mean, Standard Deviation, Range, Range Chart, Histogram, Cp and Cpk statistical printed outputs. Limit Lights and Full Statistics Analysis is a tester software feature. A PC is not needed for this software.

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Digital Control Panel

The TST has a built-in mean, standard deviation, range, statistical summary and data logger that can store up to 1,800 test points. It also has automatic deflection compensation, which corrects for torque windup and always displays accurate angle measurements. RS 232 is standard. Soft keys give the user access to digital calibration, linearization and features like user programmable force filter, programmable length offset, user customized print headings, automatic calculation of mean, standard deviation and range of data. Use the RS 232 port for statistical printout or talking to a PC. It works great with LSI’s SSS, a PC-based “Statistical & Spreadsheet Interface Software,” which features dynamic data exchange, allowing you to communicate to spreadsheets like Excel. Measure torque in in-lb, N-mm, gm-mm, kg-m, in-oz, ft-lb, N-m, kg-mm and kg-cm.

Torsion Tests Under Compression

Create a more life-like test with optional adjustable compression. The X-Axis Compression Adjuster allows you to apply up to 250 lb of compression force, (based on prior force / length measurements) and gain more accurate readings for your part tests.

Use the optional X-Axis Linear Scale to set compression by length.

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2 Point with Rate

Test two points with spring rate calculation in one deflection of the spring.

2 Point With Rate is a tester software option that allows you to calculate the rate (or spring constant) between two points. To use this feature, press the Test Mode button to enter 2 Point With Rate mode. Set your first test point by using the tester’s force and length readings as a guide and pressing the F1 button. Set the second test point using the same method. When both test points are set the tester automatically calculates and displays the rate as shown. This is all accomplished in just one deflection of the spring!

2 Point with Rate is a tester software feature. A PC is not needed for this software.

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Calculated Free Angle

Two-point testing with automatic free angle calculation. Calculate your torsion springs free angle without measuring by testing two points in one deflection of the spring.

Three Rotational Stops

For repetitive applications requiring multiple test points on a given spring, the Torsion Spring Tester comes equipped with three stops that can be preset to any given test point.

Battery or AC Powered

A self-contained tester with an internal, rechargeable battery pack (approximately 8-10 hours of continuous operation). AC charger also included with each tester.

Loading Capability

The TST comes standard with two cranking ratios, giving the operator flexibility when testing. Use the 1:1 ratio for light springs or course movements. Choose the 40:1 micro adjust to fine tune the measurements.

Torque Specifications

Load Cell
Standard Resolution
0-20% FS 20-100% FS
0.3 in-lb 0.00002 in-lb 0.0002 in-lb
3 g-mm 0.2 g-mm 2 g-mm
34 N-mm 0.002 N-mm 0.02 N-mm
3 in-lb 0.0002 in-lb 0.002 in-lb
35 g-mm 2 g-mm 20 g-mm
339 N-mm 0.02 N-mm 0.2 N-mm
25 in-lb 0.002 in-lb 0.02 in-lb
288 kg-mm 0.02 kg-mm 0.2 kg-mm
2,825 N-mm 0.2 N-mm 2 N-mm
100 in-lb 0.005 in-lb 0.05 in-lb
1,152 kg-mm 0.05 kg-mm 0.5 kg-mm
11,299 N-mm 0.5 N-mm 5 N-mm
200 in-lb 0.01 in-lb 0.1 in-lb
2,304 kg-mm 0.1 kg-mm 1 kg-mm
22,597 N-mm 1 N-mm 10 N-mm
Accuracy = ± Full Scale Resolution x 2

Parts and Accessories


DescriptionPart Number 
TST 200 - Torsion Spring Tester050-0000-0071-00Get a Quote

Factory Options

DescriptionPart Number 
Bed Extension for 24" parts025-0000-0669-00Get a Quote
Bed Extension for 48" parts025-0000-0669-01Get a Quote
X-Axis Compression Adjuster025-0000-0725-00Get a Quote
X-Axis Linear Scale025-0000-0730-00Get a Quote

Tester Software

DescriptionPart Number 
2 Point With Rate (Torsion)050-0000-0072-00Get a Quote
Limit Lights & Full Statistical Analysis050-0000-0073-00Get a Quote
Calculated Free Angle050-1000-0040-01Get a Quote
Interchangeable Torque Cartridge Capability050-0000-0074-00Get a Quote

Torque Cartridges

DescriptionPart Number 
0.3 in-lb Torque Cartridge with Lockout025-0000-0475-00Get a Quote
3 in-lb Torque Catridge with Lockout025-0000-0475-01Get a Quote
25 in-lb Torque Cartridge with Lockout025-0000-0475-02Get a Quote
100 in-lb Torque Cartridge025-0000-0378-05Get a Quote
200 in-lb Torque Cartridge025-0000-0378-06Get a Quote

Tooling Options

DescriptionPart Number 
2" Ø Custom Tooling Blanks (1/4-28 thread)018-0000-1615-01Get a Quote
2" Ø Custom Tooling Blanks (10-32 thread)018-0000-1615-02Get a Quote
3.75" Ø Custom Tooling Blanks (1/4-28 thread)018-0000-1615-00Get a Quote
5" Ø Custom Tooling Blanks (1/4-28 thread)018-0000-1615-03Get a Quote
Universal Tooling Assembly (0.3 to 200 in-lb)025-0000-0379-00Get a Quote
Universal Tooling Assembly TST (100 to 1,300 in-lb)025-0000-0353-00Get a Quote

Material Testing Options

DescriptionPart Number 
Wire Twist Grip Set - 0.028 to 0.250"025-0000-0477-00Get a Quote
Wire Twist Grip Set - 0.078 to 0.500"025-0000-0477-01Get a Quote
Wire Twist Solid Load Cartridge025-0000-0480-00Get a Quote

Calibration Equipment

DescriptionPart Number 
Calibration Core Set (0.3 to 3 in-lb)025-0000-0367-00Get a Quote
Calibration Core Set (25 to 200 in-lb)025-0000-0354-00Get a Quote
1.01 lb Calibration Weight Set (0.3 to 3 in-lb)025-0000-0368-01Get a Quote
11 lb Calibration Weight Set (25 in-lb)025-0000-0368-02Get a Quote
40.5 lb Calibration Weight Set (100 to 500 in-lb)025-0000-0368-03Get a Quote

Printer & Connectivity Options

DescriptionPart Number 
RS 232 to Parallel Adapter Cable025-0000-0458-00Get a Quote
SSS - PC Statistical & Spreadsheet Interface Software050-0000-0075-00Get a Quote

Power Supplies (One power supply is included with each new order)

DescriptionPart Number 
Power Supply - USA (115 VAC)025-1000-0396-00Get a Quote
Power Supply - International (100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz)025-1000-0396-04Get a Quote


DescriptionPart Number 
Foam Vibration Damping Pad025-0000-0356-00Get a Quote
Dust Cover059-1000-0020-00Get a Quote