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ECT Spring Tester 750 lb with Red Spring

Spring Testing Expertise

Trusted for decades by the spring manufacturing industry and spring end users in aerospace, automotive, medical and other industries worldwide.

Spring Testing

Larson Systems Inc. is the leader in spring testing technology and manufacturing. We offer the most accurate line of spring testers on the market. Our customers consider quality control an indispensable part of business, so they turn to us when they need accurate test results.
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Material Testing

Our product lines can be utilized for many testing applications beyond springs. If your quality testing needs include any compression, extension, length, force related test or torsion, we can help.
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Innovating Since 1979

We are the industry leader in compression, extension and torsion spring testing. But our products can do much more than that. With the proper adapters, our products can be used for a wide variety of applications.

We are continually improving and updating our product line to help companies overcome their quality testing challenges.

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