SSS Software

On Site and In Factory Calibration

Statistical & Spreadsheet Interface Software

Total Spring Inspection

The SSS software can connect to any LSI manual tester, including the DHT and the TST, and virtually any measuring device that can send data via RS232. The SSS can also accept data from the keyboard. By setting up a specific testing method, you can test your springs reliably and repeatedly and generate one comprehensive report.



For use with Larson Systems Testers:

  • TST Line
  • UT Line
  • ST Line
  • SDHT Line
  • DHT Line
  • Any competitor tester with RS 232 Port

Statistical and Graphical Results on Demand

Actual results and statistics are displayed immediately. Graphics such as X-Bar, Range and Histogram are available with as few as two mouse clicks.

Smart File Management

The SSS can retrieve and store data on remote computers, giving you the ability to centrally locate all your data. You can merge multiple results files – hours, days or months worth into a single file for easy viewing. The SSS also allows adding results directly to previously saved results to avoid the need to merge later on.

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)

The SSS can transfer information directly to spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel. If you don’t want to give up your current SPC package or prefer working in spreadsheets, DDE allows you to quickly transfer the information.

System Requirements

An RS232 to USB Adapter Cable is required to connect your DHT family tester to the PC running SDC (Spring Data Collector) Software. Larson Systems will supply a cable with the software.

Minimum System Requirements
Requires a Pentium 100 compatible computer running windows 9x, NT, 2000, or XP Pro. Requires 16 MB hard disk space, 128 MB RAM (suggested) and SVGA or better monitor (1024×768 resolution suggested)