STAR Series

On Site and In Factory Calibration

STAR Series Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts Guide

Stock parts and their corresponding replacement parts for the STAR series testers.

STAR Series Motor Replacement

If your STAR 
has a 550 lb motor

Motor PN 025-1000-0173-01
Pulley PN 018-0000-1029-06

If your STAR 
has a 1,000 lb motor

Motor PN 025-1000-0173-05

If your STAR 
has a 2,000 lb motor

Motor PN 025-1000-0173-07

STAR Series Power Supply Replacement

If your STAR
power supply looks like this

Power supply PN 025-1000-0406-20
Power entry assembly PN 025-1000-0378-00
Support plate PN 018-0000-0173-03

If your STAR
motor drive looks like this

Motor drive PN 011-3000-0003-00