Ultra Torque Wrench Calibration System

LSI’s Ultra Torque Wrench Calibration System is one of the most flexible and easy-to-use torque tool testers available.

  • Accuracy better than ± 0.2% of reading from 10-100% full scale
  • RS 232 and USB capability standard
  • Single, Double or Triple torque cartridge capability

Ultra Torque Wrench Calibration System

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LSI’s Ultra Torque Wrench Calibration System is one of the most flexible and easy-to-use torque tool testers available. The UTWCS torque cartridge system allows a single tester to quickly utilize many different load ranges with the push of a button. The UTWCS digital control panel features convenient push button zeroing as well as easy switching between test modes, measurement units, access to digital calibration, linearization and other features such as user programmable force filter.

Back view: power, USB, RS232

Vertical Mounting Option

Build your own system to meet your needs.

Factory Option for 1, 2 or 3 Torque Cartridges

Shown with one, two or three load cells

Torque Wrench Data Collector

With Larson Systems’ TWDC Software, your torque wrench testing data can be accessed, stored and manipulated as it is generated. Store specifications for different parts, load a set of parameters and clearly see which wrenches are in/out of tolerance using the on-screen graphical representation of the testing results.

Save and print results or open the results file in Microsoft Excel. You have complete control of your testing data.

Options and Accessories for UTWCS

Easy Loader Attachment

Part Numbers:
025-0000-0411-01 Easy Loader Attachment with 12″ Reaction Arm
025-0000-0411-02 Easy Loader Attachment with 18″ Reaction Arm
025-0000-0411-03 Easy Loader Attachment with 24″ Reaction Arm

Easily load your torque wrench and test it using minimal input force the same way every time, regardless of who the operator is. Mounting scheme may vary by model.

Power Tool Adapter

025-0000-0429-00 Power Tool Adapter Kit – 1/2″, 3/8″ and 1/4″ Drives

The Power Tool Adapter Kit allows you to test powered torque tools such as power screwdrivers with the UTWCS. You can test 1/4″, 3/8″ or 1/2″ drive sizes. Available only for 500 in-lb, 108 ft-lb and 260 ft-lb models only.

Instructions: Your wrench should act the same when tightening the Power Tool Adapter as with your application.
Select bodies and drivers based on appropriate drive size, then select and configure Belleville disc springs to make a bolted joint that approximately matches your application.

Drive Adapter Kit

025-0000-0703-00 Drive Adapter Kit

Kit includes 5 drive adapters:
1/4″ F to 3/8″ M
3/8″ F to 1/4″ M
3/8″ F to 1/2″ M
1/2″ F to 3/8″ M
3/4″ F to 1/2″

Torque Specifications

Torque Cartridge
Standard Resolution
25 in-lb 0.002 in-lb
2 ft-lb 0.0002 ft-lb
29 kg-cm 0.002 kg-cm
0.29 kg-M 0.00002 kg-M
2.8 N-M 0.0002 N-M
100 in-lb 0.01 in-lb
8 ft-lb 0.001 ft-lb
115 kg-cm 0.01 kg-cm
1.15 kg-M 0.0001 kg-M
11 N-M 0.001 N-M
200 in-lb 0.02 in-lb
16 ft-lb 0.002 ft-lb
230 kg-cm 0.02 kg-cm
2.3 kg-M 0.0002 kg-M
22 N-M 0.002 N-M
500 in-lb 0.05 in-lb
40 ft-lb 0.005 ft-lb
580 kg-cm 0.05 kg-cm
5.8 kg-M 0.0005 kg-M
60 N-M 0.005 N-M
108 ft-lb 0.01 ft-lb
1,300 in-lb 0.1 in-lb
1,500 kg-cm 0.1 kg-cm
15 kg-M 0.001 kg-M
145 N-M 0.01 N-M
260 ft-lb 0.02 ft-lb
3,100 in-lb 0.2 in-lb
3,570 kg-cm 0.2 kg-cm
35 kg-M 0.002 kg-M
350 N-M 0.02 N-M
Accuracy is better than ± 0.2% of
reading from 10-100% full scale

Parts and Accessories


DescriptionPart Number 
UTWCS - Ultra Torque Wrench Calibration System - Single Torque Cartridge System050-0000-0134-03Get a Quote
UTWCS - Ultra Torque Wrench Calibration System - Double Torque Cartridge System050-0000-0134-01Get a Quote
UTWCS - Ultra Torque Wrench Calibration System - Triple Torque Cartridge System050-0000-0134-02Get a Quote

Torque Cartridges

DescriptionPart Number 
25 in-lb Torque Cartridge (1/4" drive)025-0000-0697-00Get a Quote
100 in-lb Torque Cartridge (1/4" drive)025-0000-0697-01Get a Quote
200 in-lb Torque Cartridge (1/4" drive)025-0000-0697-02Get a Quote
500 in-lb Torque Cartridge (3/8" drive)025-0000-0697-03Get a Quote
108 ft-lb Torque Cartridge (3/8" drive)025-0000-0697-04Get a Quote
260 ft-lb Torque Cartridge (1/2" drive)025-0000-0697-05Get a Quote

Factory Options

DescriptionPart Number 
Easy Loader Attachment with 12" Reaction Arm025-0000-0411-01Get a Quote
Easy Loader Attachment with 18" Reaction Arm025-0000-0411-02Get a Quote
Easy Loader Attachment with 24" Reaction Arm025-0000-0411-03Get a Quote


DescriptionPart Number 
Power Tool Adapter Kit - 1/2", 3/8" and 1/4" Drives025-0000-0429-00Get a Quote
1/4" F to 3/8" M Drive Adapter013-5000-0128-00Get a Quote
3/8" F to 1/4" M Drive Adapter013-5000-0132-00Get a Quote
3/8" F to 1/2" M Drive Adapter013-5000-0127-00Get a Quote
1/2" F to 3/8" M Drive Adapter013-5000-0133-00Get a Quote
3/4" F to 1/2" M Drive Adapter013-5000-0182-00Get a Quote
Drive Adapter Kit - Includes all 5 Drive Adapters025-0000-0703-00Get a Quote

Software Option

DescriptionPart Number 
Torque Wrench Data Collector (TWDC)050-1000-0066-00Get a Quote

Printer & Connectivity Options

DescriptionPart Number 
Inkjet Printer (Includes Cable / Adapter 025-0000-0458-01)025-0000-0464-01Get a Quote
RS 232 to Parallel Printer Cable / Adapter025-0000-0458-01Get a Quote

Power Supplies (One power supply is included with each new order)

DescriptionPart Number 
Power Supply - USA (115 VAC)025-1000-0396-00Get a Quote
Power Supply - International (100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz)025-1000-0396-04Get a Quote