ECT Spring Tester
Electronic Compression Tester

  • 110, 200, 750 and 1500 lbf load capacities
  • Standard 5″ range and 5″ stroke
  • Up to 0.001″ length resolution

This demo of our Valve Spring Tester shows some of the great capabilities of our robust hand-operated spring tester line.

ECT – Electronic Compression Tester

The ECT is a high quality spring tester for measuring compression force and length. A great first time purchase, this tester has a rugged cast-aluminum and steel frame that includes a precision rack and pinion drive with adjustments for wear and features convenient hand operation to apply force and adjust length. Additionally, a standard length lock and mechanical overload stops help protect the tester from damage. Force and length readings appear along with indicator bars on a two-line backlit LED display.

All Larson Systems spring testers have BUILT-IN DEFLECTION COMPENSATION for accurate readings at all times. Testers without deflection compensation will always have length readings that contain error and this will also limit the benefit of high force resolution.

Built-In Deflection Compensation

What is length deflection compensation?
All force/length testing devices, regardless of manufacturer, have additional deflection by the load cell and tester frame which occurs as the spring is loaded. Without deflection compensation, measurements will include significant length errors and this will limit the benefit of high force resolution.
Spring deflection, also known as spring travel or motion, is the action of a compression spring compressing (being pushed), an extension spring extending (being pulled), or a torsion spring winding (being twisted) when a load is applied or released. This is one characteristic (spring deflection) that is measured by a Larson Systems Spring Tester.

Larson Systems has BUILT-IN Length Deflection Compensation so that the user does not have to calculate and apply length corrections. Most competitors do not have length deflection compensation.

With a Larson Systems product, forget about calculating load cell and frame deflection when testing, we’ve got you covered.

SDC Software Demo

Try our software for “Spring Testing Data at Your Fingertips”. With Larson System’s SDC Software, your spring testing data can be accessed, stored and manipulated as it is generated. Store specifications for different parts, load a set of parameters and clearly see which springs are out of spec using the on-screen graphical representation of the testing results. Save and print results or open the results file in Microsoft Excel. You have complete control of your testing data.

Free Demo

Force Specifications

Load Cell
Standard Resolution High Resolution*
0-100% FS 0-20% FS 20-100% FS
110 lb 0.1 lb 0.01 lb 0.1 lb
50 kg 0.05 kg 0.005 kg 0.05 kg
489 N 0.5 N 0.05 N 0.5 N
200 lb 0.1 lb 0.01 lb 0.1 lb
91 kg 0.05 kg 0.005 kg 0.05 kg
890 N 0.5 N 0.05 N 0.5 N
750 lb 1 lb 0.1 lb 1 lb
340 kg 0.5 kg 0.05 kg 0.5 kg
3,336 N 5 N 0.5 N 5 N
1500 lb 2 lb 1 lb 2 lb
680 kg 1.0 kg 0.5 kg 1.0 kg
6,672 N 10 N 5 N 10 N
Accuracy = ± Full Scale Resolution x 2
*Requires High Resolution Force option 050-1000-0012-00

Parts and Accessories


DescriptionPart Number 
ECT - 110 lb Electronic Compression Tester050-0000-0108-00Get a Quote
ECT - 200 lb Electronic Compression Tester050-0000-0151-00Get a Quote
ECT - 750 lb Electronic Compression Tester050-0000-0109-00Get a Quote
ECT - 1500 lb Electronic Compression Tester050-0000-0152-00Get a Quote

Factory and Accuracy Options

DescriptionPart Number 
High Resolution Force050-1000-0012-00Get a Quote
High Resolution Length050-1000-0013-00Get a Quote
RS232 / USB output, DHT family050-1000-0064-00Get a Quote


DescriptionPart Number 
Thru-Rod Support Kit (1/16 to 1/8" Ø x 6")025-0000-0225-00Get a Quote
4" Ø Platform / Thru-Rod Support Kit (1/16 to 11/16" Ø ID x 8")025-0000-0485-00Get a Quote
Platforms - 4" Ø (Pair for 5/16-18 Mount)025-0000-0191-00Get a Quote
Set of 2" Spring Platforms (HT Tool Steel, No Hole)025-0000-1597-00Get a Quote
Single Stop Rod025-0000-0293-00Get a Quote
Double Stop Rod025-0000-0333-00Get a Quote
NiCad Rechargeable Battery025-0000-0294-00Get a Quote
Dust Cover - 5" Range Rods059-1000-0026-00Get a Quote
Travelling Case025-0000-0487-03Get a Quote
8 Piece Valve Spring Retainer Set025-0000-0783-00Get a Quote
Rubber Mounting Foot Upgrade025-0000-1310-00View Product
Solid Height (Coil Bind) Protector - 2" 018-0000-4358-00View Product

Software Options

DescriptionPart Number 
SSS - Statistical & Spreadsheet Interface Software050-0000-0075-00Get a Quote
Excel Templates for Valve Spring Set Building and Certification050-0000-0140-00Get a Quote
Spring Data Collector Software (for use with DHT family testers)050-1000-0060-01Get a Quote

Power Supplies

DescriptionPart Number 
Power Supply, 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz (USA Plug)025-1000-0396-00Get a Quote
Power Supply, 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz (International Plugs)025-1000-0396-04Get a Quote

Calibration Certificate

DescriptionPart Number 
NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate100-1000-0003-05Get a Quote