Automatic Spring Sorting Package

Larson Systems’ ASSP systems feature the RoboSTAR and / or SFM (Super Force Meter) and are entirely customizable to your needs.

  • 2 to 500 lb load capacities
  • SDHT software package
  • Standard 5″ stroke

Automatic Spring Sorting Package with Super Force Meter

The Heart of the System

Larson Systems’ ASSP systems feature the RoboSTAR and / or SFM (Super Force Meter) and are entirely customizable to your needs. The ASSP allows for flexible test programming that can be tailored to your requirements including: presetting multiple times, free length measurement and multiple point testing (F@L or L@F). Rapid changeovers of part types are accomplished with no worries about tester calibration (length or force) or platform parallelism. When product requirements change, the testers can be detached and used in a stand-alone mode and are completely functional. An outstanding feature of this system is that no tools or setup fixtures are required for changeover demands.

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Testing Flexibility

Test routines are easily programmed and saved. Routines can include: single or multiple point F@L or L@F, free length, solid height, rates or presetting tests.

Connectivity Options

  1. Send data directly to a PC using LSI’s UTM software program. Use the powerful statistical functions to manipulate the data.
  2. Print out a summary only. Run the printer at the end of the shift to print the tester generated statistical summary.

Environmental / Sound Enclosure

An enclosure protects the sorting and testing process from air currents, breezes, and foreign material. It maintains easy access with several access panels plus a top fill door for easy hopper reloading. Noise is greatly reduced.


The system includes a three-way pneumatically powered flap sorting system for high reliability sorting. The system can easily sort in two or three categories. Five-way sorting is also available.

Parts and Accessories


DescriptionPart Number 
ASSP Base, Indexer & Control Electronics050-0000-0061-00Get a Quote
SFM - Super Force Meter Quote025-0000-0342-00Get a Quote
Free Length Measuring Head050-0000-0114-00Get a Quote

Load Cells

DescriptionPart Number 
2 lb Interchangeable Load Cell (3" Ø platform)025-0000-0508-00Get a Quote
11 lb Interchangeable Load Cell (3" Ø platform)025-0000-0508-01Get a Quote
22 lb Interchangeable Load Cell (3" Ø platform)025-0000-0508-02Get a Quote
66 lb Interchangeable Load Cell (3" Ø platform)025-0000-0508-03Get a Quote
110 lb Interchangeable Load Cell (3" Ø platform)025-0000-0508-04Get a Quote
200 lb Interchangeable Load Cell (3" Ø platform)025-0000-0508-05Get a Quote
500 lb Interchangeable Load Cell (3" Ø platform)025-0000-0508-12Get a Quote

Factory Options

DescriptionPart Number 
Presetting Station (40-100 lb, 5" stroke)025-0000-0743-00Get a Quote
Presetting Station (100-200 lb, 5" stroke)025-0000-0742-00Get a Quote
Presetting Station (200-500 lb, 5" stroke)025-0000-0744-00Get a Quote
3 Way Sorter Package050-0000-0041-01Get a Quote
5 Way Sorter Package050-0000-0042-00Get a Quote
Indexer Plate Assembly025-0000-0511-XXGet a Quote
Escapement Assembly025-0000-0466-XXGet a Quote
Environmental / Sound Enclosure025-0000-0401-00Get a Quote
12" Vibratory Bowl Feeder (1/2 cubic foot capacity)018-3000-0001-XXGet a Quote
18" Vibratory Bowl Feeder (1 cubic foot capacity)018-3000-0015-XXGet a Quote

SFM Tester Software

DescriptionPart Number 
Limit Lights and Full Statistical Analysis050-0000-0073-00Get a Quote
Test Condition Output Option025-1000-0363-00Get a Quote

Printer & Connectivity Options

DescriptionPart Number 
Inkjet Printer (with driver install)025-0000-0464-01Get a Quote
Laser Printer (with driver install)025-0000-0464-03Get a Quote
Laser Pro Printer (with driver install)025-0000-0464-04Get a Quote
RS 232 to Parallel Printer Cable / Adapter025-0000-0458-00Get a Quote

Installation / Training

DescriptionPart Number 
On-Site Installation & Training (required)100-0000-0006-01Get a Quote