FLASH 36: Safety Is Built In
FLASH 36 Nearly Complete

FLASH 36: Safety Is Built In

The new FLASH 36 spring tester nearing completion at Larson Systems Inc. contains many features that make testing big springs, like those on railroad passenger cars, easier and safer.

Automatic Spring LoaderHeavy springs require heavy lifting.  The FLASH 36’s automatic spring loader relieves the operator of the burden of lifting the spring into the tester.  Simply place the spring into the autoloader, press a button, and it glides into the tester - like putting a disk into a computer or CD player!

Compressed springs have stored potential energy proportional to the spring constant. The FLASH 36 is designed to release this energy in a controlled manner to avoid possible injury. Linear bearings and our Whisper servo drive accomplish this feat with ease.

Thru-Rod on FLASH 25We have included an adjustable-diameter thru-rod to support taller collapsing springs in place during the compression cycle. The thru-rod will also prevent a spring that breaks during testing from flying out of the tester. In the photo to the left, you can see this same thru-rod assembly in use on one of our FLASH 25 spring testers, the "little" brother to the FLASH 36.

Polycarbonate & Steel MeshThe heavy-duty polycarbonate door and side panels are another safety feature.  Backed by a steel mesh guard, they further strengthen the barrier against fly-away springs. They also keep operators clear of the compressing plates. Both the loader door and opposite access door are equipped with safety switches that prevent the tester from operating when they are open.

Emergency Stop ButtonThe tester is equipped with two emergency stop or E-Stop buttons, one on the spring auto-loader and one for the test cycle under the FLASH touch screen (shown). An operator can punch the E-stop at any time during a test and the tester will halt operations without damaging the tester or losing its memory of test results or positions.

One safety feature that may be a little less obvious is the remote control cable. This allows you to connect the tester to a computer in another room and operate the tester without having to be in the same area as the spring. (Of course, the operator must still put a spring on the loader.)

Adjustable Speed SettingsAir Supply Quick ConnectThe FLASH 36 also features adjustable speed settings for when you want to try out new test programs or a particularly stiff spring at slower speeds. It's as easy as the touch of the screen!

The air pressure lines for the FLASH 36 are installed high on the tester, out of the way of foot traffic. If you need to work on the tester or move it, disconnect the air line via the quick-connect fitting at the back of the machine. Unplug the three-phase, 240-volt cord and add a plug lock case to take the machine out of service.

FLASH 36 Spring Loading / Unloading FLASH 36 Door Closing / Opening FLASH 36 Thru-Rod Positioning
The spring auto-loader, polycarbonate door and thru-rod assembly all operate at the push of a button.

Bruce HillTo learn more about Larson Systems' FLASH 36, contact me:
Bruce Hill
Phone: 763-780-2131, ext. 106
Email: brucehill@larsonsystems.com.

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