FLASH 36 Build Progress

Follow the Progress of Our FLASH 36 Tester

The FLASH 36 spring tester ordered by a nationally-known transit authority is taking shape.

FLASH 36 Door Closing / Opening

Click here or on the photo above for a slideshow of the FLASH 36 assembly progress so far.

To assure the precision we design into our testers, much of the assembly of the various parts is accompanied by painstaking hand adjustment. The ball screws have been inserted into the base. Rails have been attached to guide and align the platform to the screws. The drive belts that synchronize the ball screws and are run by the Whisper servo motor have been mounted and adjusted with the screws to establish parallel platforms. Next, the tester will be set upright into its base.

With its optional autoloader, the FLASH 36 will make testing 10,000-lb.-force springs much faster and safer.  Instead of lifting the heavy spring into the tester, the operators will simply place a spring on the autoloader and it will “shuttle” the spring into the tester, much like a CD or DVD player inserts a disk into the player. The ball screws and electronic controls were installed last week.

That’s the mechanical side. On the control side of the tester build, the software that runs the tester is being debugged and nearing completion. The new FLASH 36 will give its owners at the transit authority improved screen views, the ability to fully test railcar passenger springs, determine the absolute length of a spring, and/or its rate of deflection and force at various points. The test results can be archived and brought up for inspection or integrated into reports at a later date.

FLASH 36 Spring Loading / Unloading FLASH 36 Door Closing / Opening FLASH 36 Thru-Rod Positioning
When finished, the FLASH 36 will be equipped with an automatic spring loader & thru-rod assembly.

For more than 30 years, Larson Systems Inc. has built a reputation for quality. Our American-made spring testers have proven themselves time and again. That’s why we’re the dominant manufacturer of spring-testing equipment in North America.

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