FLASH 36: An Advanced Spring Tester

Spring Testing Takes a Step Forward

Spring PressThe Good(?) Old Days of Spring Testing

It used to be, you’d buy a spring tester based on three criteria: its physical size capacity, force capacity and travel capacity.  You’d take a manual force reading and you’d take a length measurement - maybe with a ruler.  Operator safety was left to chance - there were no shields or guards. Putting a spring on the testing platform was a manual effort.

Spring testers have changed considerably in recent years. Take, for instance, the new FLASH 36 tester that Larson Systems Inc. is building for a nationally-known transit authority.

Larson Systems' FLASH 36: An Advanced Spring Tester

FLASH 36 Spring Loading / Unloading FLASH 36 Door Closing / Opening FLASH 36 Thru-Rod Positioning

Silhouette Man FLASH 36's Previous Iteration While many old spring testers of this size require operators to hand-load springs into the tester, the FLASH 36 comes equipped an auto-loading mechanism that relieves tester operators from lifting heavy springs into the tester to reduce back injuries.  It’s kind of like a “disk drive” for springs.

Spring testers have become safer, too.  On the FLASH 36, a polycarbonate safety shield backed by a steel mesh guard, plus a center locating rod, prevents springs that break during testing from being ejected from the tester and striking and injuring the operator.

Larson Systems’ FLASH 36 has a 10,000 lb. load cell able to test springs on a framework that has the capability to handle 35,000 lbs. of force!  Its advanced software lets you test springs faster and more accurately, a must in today’s fast-paced world. To get a closer look at this behemoth, click here.

The FLASH 36 also provides you with easier setup - much of the work has already been programmed into the tester for you. And tests are repeatable.  Motorized testing also eliminates testing variability caused by different operators.

And now you not only get reports, but you can also archive your records to a database on your server.  You can call up your data by date, spring serial number, batch - whatever information you need - extremely helpful when you're estimating useful product life, working with the National Transportation Safety Board or mitigating legal liability.

Spring PressDo you have a spring tester older than the spring press pictured here? E-mail us your photos by July 25, and we’ll post them on our website.

Would you like to know more about the FLASH 36? Contact Bruce Hill at 763-780-2131, ext. 106 or brucehill@larsonsystems.com.

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