Proudly Made in the USA

Happy Birthday, America!

FLASH 36 Loading Made in USAAt Larson Systems Inc., we’re proud to celebrate American independence this week. We’re happy and thankful to live in the greatest country in the world. We take pride in putting the “Made in the USA” tag on our spring testers.

When you purchase a spring tester from Larson Systems Inc., you’re “buying American.” Our testers are designed and built in Minnesota. The parts are machined and assembled here in our plant in Blaine, and the testers are quality-tested before they leave our dock.

Silhouette Person FLASH 36 Base Plate and BaseYou can’t outsource integrity and innovation, which is what you find in a product such as the FLASH 36 tester we’re building for a major U.S. transit authority. This FLASH 36 is loaded with numerous “best practice” options, including an auto-loading mechanism that relieves tester operators from lifting heavy springs into the tester to reduce back injuries; a polycarbonate safety shield backed by a steel mesh guard; and a center locating rod that prevents springs that break during testing from bursting out of the tester and striking and injuring a person. All this, and its 10,000-lb. load cell will be able to test springs on a framework that has the capability to handle 35,000 lbs. of force! To get a closer look at this behemoth, click here.

FLASH 36For more than 30 years, Larson Systems Inc. has built a reputation for quality. Our American-made spring testers have proven themselves time and again. That’s why we’re the predominant manufacturer of spring-testing equipment in North America.

Those of you who are in the transportation industry are familiar with “Buy America,” the provision of the Surface Transportation Act of 1982 that mandates 100% U.S.-made iron, steel or manufactured products in transit-related projects valued over $100,000.  It’s also a requirement of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

When you’re looking for a top-quality spring tester, buy American. Buy Larson. Not because the government tells you to, but because they’re the best spring testers around!

Happy Independence Day!

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