FLASH 36 Tester Build Begins

FLASH 36 Tester Build Begins

Railcar Truck Side ViewLast week, we announced that a large, nationally-known transit system ordered a 10,000 lb. capacity FLASH 36 spring tester from us for testing passenger car springs. Fabrication of the machine has begun and we thought you'd like to see what goes into a spring tester of this size and capacity.

FLASH 36Video Link Image
To view a video of the beginning of the build, click the image above.

As you may recall, this FLASH 36 is loaded with all kinds of new bells and whistles, including an auto-loading mechanism that relieves tester operators from lifting heavy springs into the tester and reduces the chances for back injury; a polycarbonate safety shield backed by a steel mesh guard; and a center locating rod that prevents springs that break during testing from bursting out of the tester and striking and injuring a person. All this with a 10,000 lb. load cell on a framework capable of testing with up to 35,000 lb. of force!

FLASH 36FLASH 36 LoadingFLASH 36 LoadedFLASH 36 Thru-Rod Positioned

FLASH 36 loading, loaded and ready to test (spring removed for better visibility of thru-rod assembly).
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To learn more about the FLASH 36 spring tester, visit our website.
Or contact Bruce Hill at 763-780-2131, ext. 106, or via e-mail at brucehill@larsonsystems.com.

Larson Systems is the leading manufacturer of spring testing equipment in North America. The company recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

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